Employment Authorization Hot Issues: ICE Subpoenas, Discrimination Claims, Form I-9, and E-Verify

Body of Knowledge Workforce Planning-13 Administer post-offer employment activities (for eample: execute employment agreements, complete I9/E-Verify process, coordinate relocations, and immigration).

Learning Objectives This interactive presentation will examine several issues that are currently affecting employment authorization compliance. It will cover Form I-9 completion, common issues with suspect employment documents, trends in discriminatory labor suits related to employment authorization, and ICE initiated Form I-9 audits. Finally, we will explore the nuances of E-Verify and future development and implementation schedule. Specifically, how to prevent E-Verify compliance problems and determining whether.
1. How to properly complete the latest Form I-9
2. How to avoid costly mistakes during Form I-9 completion and ICE audits; and
3. How to use, and what to expect next from, E-Verify.